Show your colours now!

The fashion industry often talks about new fashion trends. The regular umbrella FARE®-Fashion AC also sets these trends - with the trend colour cyan!

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Off to nature!

Summer is over, but fall is good for walks, too. With the FARE®-Nature beautiful weather is also present when it rains!

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Sustainable umbrella models

Focus on sustainability and quality when choosing your umbrella. With the high-quality models of the ÖkoBrella family you show your green side.
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Distinctive appearance guaranteed!

In autumn the days become shorter again and the darker

colours dominate clothing. So that the day is not too

gloomy in spite of rain, our models provide with

fashionable reflectors for a trendy appearance!

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Ten good reasons to make a FARE quality umbrella your brand ambassador:

  • Effective

    A brand or message is widely disseminated in public

  • Useful

    Always there with real added value

  • Versatile

    Whether as a gift, merchandising article or sales promotion

  • Flexible

    With plenty of scope for creative ideas and individual design, whether discreet or eye-catching

  • Durable

    Thanks to high-quality materials, lasting adverstising effect over months and years

  • Striking

    Hardly any other promotional item offers so much space to put a brand in the limelight

  • Stylish

    From the good mood colour to tone-in-tone details - umbrellas are real trend accessories

  • Emotional

    Umbrellas are a haptic advertising medium that appeals to all the senses and thus promotes emotional bonding

  • Cheap

    Achieve great advertising impact even with a small budget

  • Awarded

    Many models have won awards for design, sustainability or originality